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after jongin performs with his pants unzipped

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the way jongin stares at chanyeol

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tao fandom have no chill

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Taemin: “I was supposed to do all the singing part and rap in ‘Pretty Boy’, but I thought Kai would match more to the rap part than me. And I wanted to do it with him. So I highly recommended Kai and pestered that he’d do it with me. Kai positively joined and I’m really thankful.

Kai: "Since I thought of our stage from long time ago, I readily agreed when Taemin suggested singing with him. I thought that I could show both rap and smart performance since ‘Pretty Boy’ has a beat in it. Taemin is a good friend of mine and a senior at the same time, so I tried to do my best not to harass him, and so I could join with good mind as a friend too."

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chanyeol close-ups on exo 90:2014 - episode six

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reason as of why lay chose baekhyun as his partner…

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Jongin flying across the stage. @cocoonedsoul  

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