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A living legend.

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1979.07.28 - Lee Minwoo

Woah, how do I start this? Everyone has a special fandom that’s close to them, and in that fandom you have a special person that makes your heart beat a little faster every time you see him/her perform, smile, joke or just breath tbh.

This time, Minwoo happened to be mine. You have your flaws and honestly, nobody’s perfect. We just have to remember that. You’ve come far in your career and you’ve gone through a lot and still you stand proudly on stage with your members. Without Shinhwa Changjo, we are nothing. The quote that keeps me going day after day. You don’t even know I exist yet I want to be by your side forever, this is weird.

But really, the reason why I love you is that you’re doing what you love, and you’re doing what you really want to do. And you inspire thousands of people to follow their dream every day. Maybe my reason to look up to you more than ever is because you have your own brand and that’s my biggest dream. Have my own brand. 

On the 7th july, I got the best chance in the world. I live in Sweden, where no kpop groups come and rarely know they have fans here. Yet I took my spare money and went to Beijing to see your last concert of the tour. I even got the chance to sing happy birthday for you and me. Singing happy birthday and actually realize that I share the same birthday as someone like you, makes me love my birthday more than ever. I really can’t say anything more than thank you for making me see my world in a whole different way.

And as a fan, there’s really nothing much to do more than support you and give you strength in hard times. So it should be me saying thank you, and a thousand thank yous wont even be enough to show how proud and grateful I am to have you in my life. 

Happy birthday Lee Minwoo. I love you, and I’m forever proud.
생일축하합니다 민우 오빠. 사랑합니다

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Uma Thurman (via dissapolnted)

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I still love the people I’ve loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them.
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baekhyun for high cut

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reasons why Jongin is the ultimate bias list ruiner

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jongin pinching nipples

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A_To_U (1/2)

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"He is the baby of the group but people seem to forget that because of the way that he is and that he is so charming. So it is a little bit upsetting sometimes if you see him with the weight of the world on his shoulders. It does annoy us a bit. He’s a young kid and people are just giving him grief for no reason." Zayn about Harry.

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