Title: Unknown불행했음 좋겠다 (Wish You To Be Unhappy) (Feat. Bee Of Rphabet)
Artist: Unknown산이(San E)
Album: Unknown
Played: 69 times

San E - 불행했음 좋겠다 Feat. Bee Of Rphabet
100 Favorite kpop songs (In no specific order)   

Title: UnknownSo Hot (Rap ver.)
Artist: UnknownSan E
Album: UnknownReady To Be Famous
Played: 309 times


So Hot (Rap Ver.) - San E

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H-Eugene - WE ROCK (feat. Eric, San.E, Baby-J of Jewelry, Hoony Hoon, Master Chaeng of Sunny Side, Pinnacle The Hustler) 

[NEWS] Eric will be featured in H-Eugene’s mini album ‘Man on fire’ - ‘We Rock’ together with Hoony Hoon, Sunny Side Chang, JYP SanE, Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon and American rapper.

Album will be released on the 13th sept. - (eng trans: @Shinhwa_Updates)

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120813 MBC Younha’s Starry Night Radio - DJ Yubin w/ Junsu, JB, & San E

Trolling oppar

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