"From 980324 to the 6000th day, Shinhwa Changjo were together with Shinhwa! .. What else needs to be said!. 
Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo is the best in the universe and is love. ”

"Not just 6000 days, 60000 days, 600000 days .. Let’s be together forever! Love you!" - SHINHWA.

Just as Shinhwa has no reasons for breaking apart, we have no reasons for leaving! Shinhwa Changjo Forever~

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Lee Minwoo - No Limit

really, minwoo….

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Selling KPOP albums!

So I’ve decided that I should sell my kpop albums and merchandises since I don’t really listen to most of the albums.

Images of the products aren’t mine. If you want photos of the album/merchandises I can ofcourse take photos.

All albums are opened and has been standing on my shelf but they are all in good conditions. 


  • Lee Hyori H-logic 10$
  • SS501 collection 15$
  • 2pm 2nd Special Edition 20$
  • Rain Back to the Basic 15$
  • Rain Rain 2 10$
  • SS501 Super Hits 20$
  • SS501 U r man Special Edition CD+DVD 20$
  • Kim Hyun Joong Break Down 15$
  • Rain’s Coming World Tour DVD 30$
  • Park Jungmin Not Alone 10$
  • Vanness Wu C’est LA Vie (photobook included) 20$
  • G-dragon Heart Breaker rare version 50$ (image)
  • MBLAQ Blaq Style 10$
  • Hangeng Geng Xin 20$
  • Junjin New Decade 20$


  • Kris Growl photocard 25$ 
  • Mens Health Taecyeon cover 35$ (image)
  • Mens Health Wooyoung cover 30$
  • EXO Photobook* 10$ 
  • Lay Eversing clear file folder 7$
  • Kai 5 photocards** 5$
  • Kai mousepad 5$

* I bought the exo photobook in China in a magazine stand which means the photobook is no where official and is 110% fanmade.

** the Kai photocards are from Kimkai’s DVD I ordered some months ago but I got double amount of all gifts. If you buy the photocards and mousepad together I can give you a discount.

You can contact me here on tumblr or twitter. All paying will be through paypal and I ship world wide. I live in Sweden so shipping can be a bit expensive depending on the weight of the package.

If you want to buy more than one thing I will lower the price.

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Always finding a chance to troll Hyesung 

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You don’t disturb Shinhwa’s vacation.
You just don’t.

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