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Title: UnknownNo Limit
Artist: Unknown이민우
Album: UnknownM+TEN (엠텐)
Played: 140 times

Lee Minwoo - No Limit

really, minwoo….

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Selling KPOP albums!

So I’ve decided that I should sell my kpop albums and merchandises since I don’t really listen to most of the albums.

Images of the products aren’t mine. If you want photos of the album/merchandises I can ofcourse take photos.

All albums are opened and has been standing on my shelf but they are all in good conditions. 



* I bought the exo photobook in China in a magazine stand which means the photobook is no where official and is 110% fanmade.

** the Kai photocards are from Kimkai’s DVD I ordered some months ago but I got double amount of all gifts. If you buy the photocards and mousepad together I can give you a discount.

You can contact me here on tumblr or twitter. All paying will be through paypal and I ship world wide. I live in Sweden so shipping can be a bit expensive depending on the weight of the package.

If you want to buy more than one thing I will lower the price.

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Always finding a chance to troll Hyesung 

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You don’t disturb Shinhwa’s vacation.
You just don’t.

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